Membership Benefits

The Kansas Optometric Association (KOA) exists solely for its members. The association directs its efforts toward the advancement of the profession and is recognized as a united voice of Optometry. The KOA and American Optometric Association (AOA) work together to provide member-only benefits.

Why join the KOA?

Active Voice: Primarily, members have an active voice in the decisions and future plans for the profession. Personal growth can be achieved while also benefiting the profession. 

Advancement: An active member can more readily protect, advance and support the profession's positions in matters of legislation, government and third party programs.

Education: The Convention Education Program, Fall Eyecare Conference and other seminars are available at reduced costs, as well as most regional conferences' educational programs.

Advocacy: The KOA is your voice in communicating and interacting with other professions, the Legislature, state agencies, third party insurance administrators and the public.

Public Awareness: The KOA works to educate the public about optometry in order to position optometrists as the authorities on vision care and eye health issues.

Member Discounts: Special deals for members include everything from shipping and postage to disability and life insurance, phone plans to laboratory and pharmacy products.

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